2020 was the last year Mobiliar hosted their "Akzente" events. I am grateful to be part of that for the last three years in a row as creative lead and motion designer.


Client: Mobiliar

Agency: Markenfilm Schweiz

Producer: Christopher Graage

Services: Creative Direction, Motion Design, Animation

3D: Julian Gummich, Felix Koziol

Tools: C4D, Octane, Resolve, Fusion

Swiss insuarnce company mobiliar hosted their „akzente“ event every year in 4 different cities in switzerland. 2020 was the final event and „party“ was the topic. We put our hosts in a stylized party environment, walking through the last 4 years.

2020 mobiliar decided to discontinue this format and the last event was kind of a „best-of“ the last 4 years. They recaptured it in 4 different talks. So we generated an individual setup for each year, embedded in our party location.