For Ottobock and Popular I created several social media videos for product launches. To match their visual language, I took just the product and a clean, geometrical surrounding, visualizing the key features of each product.

Taleo was the first product, I animated for Ottobock. Focussing on the ability to walk on uneven ground, the wavy floor became the key visual for this product.
The Walk-On Line focused on flexibility and stability. So different levels and wavy forms were the key visuals to feature the benefits of this product line.
Ottobocks Dynion is waterproof and and brings more stability. So beside another uneven ground, I introduced some water visuals.


Client: Ottobock Healthcare Gmbh

Agency: Popular

Producer: Dany Cromann

Services: Art Direction, 3D, Motion Design

Tools: C4D, Octane, DaVinci