C4D Game Engine

During the first lockdown in 2020, I started this project to find some distraction. My goal was to explore Cinema 4D in new ways. Inspired by those mini games from my childhood, you were used to play in the back of the car or in your bed on rainy days, I started to create 10 Mini Games forming the word „QUARANTINE“. With help of the plugin „DirectControl“, I made all the games playable with an XBox Controller inside of C4D. The renderings then are recordings of the game play rendered in Octane. You can download the source files from my gumroad and play it inside the viewport

My Gumroad


C4D, Direct Control, Octane

I really enjoyed to approach C4D in different way and use it as a game engine. Thinking about solutions, that you would usually solve with a few keyframes, got me very distracted from the issues of the first lockdown.

After the first few games, I started to think about boredom and what else I did as a kid to get some fun. So I went to the mini golf and also to a summer party of my sports club, where we played those hot wire games.

I also remember my first handheld arcade game. It was kind of a space invaders clone. I remember playing it endlessly in the back of the car, when going on holidays.

We played a lot with marbles when I was a kid. On our schoolyard, on our playgrounds and anywhere else possible too. But I also loved those marble mazes, where you had to direct the marble through a maze with a lot of holes.

In the summertimes we also had a lot of games to play in the garden or on the beach. I remember those two games.